About Us


Design of the week is a rapidly growing brand and e-commerce company that creates unique designs weekly. Each week we showcase these designs on exciting products featuring a new theme. The company was founded in 2021 when our lead designer and CEO began creating and posting inspiring artwork on Tik Tok receiving over 5 million views in the first month on the platform.


I saw this on Tik Tok. Is this a legit company?

Yes! Design of the week, is a licensed e-commerce business that is filed with the state of Wisconsin government in the United States. We have built a strong reputation since our launch and sell products in over 10 different countries.


How it all began!

I was trying to buy a pair of custom designed shoes on Tik Tok. Unfortunately, all the artists on social media were charging 200+ dollars for just one pair. Additionally, I was put on a waitlist and had to wait several months on top of being charged so much. This was ridiculous and way too expensive!

So being an artist, I decided to make my own custom shoes. After designing and producing my first pair it dawned on me, that there are probably a ton of other people facing the same problem as me. So I decided to solve the problem! I found suppliers, built a website, created vibrant designs, and officially launched thedesignoftheweek.com. We continuously improve and reinvest profits to get as close to custom while keeping prices down so that you can get the best deal! We’re here to serve you and help supports artists and small businesses.